A House Ban On Domestic Violence

An initiative against domestic violence that goes directly where the abuse happens: in residential properties… with a binding lease contract addendum prohibiting domestic violence and offering victims a way out.


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Introduced on 2020's International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (Nov. 25), “Section 25/11” is a unique new lease contract addendum that can be downloaded and added to any lease contract by homeowners and property managers.

- By signing the lease contract, new tenants acknowledge that domestic violence is not tolerated in the building and that they will take action should violence happen—be it to them or others.

- Section 25/11 is part of a nationwide initiative called “House Without Domestic Violence”, brought to life in association with Germany’s most respected women’s aid organization and one of Berlin’s largest property management firms.

- In addition to the downloadable addendum, property owners and managers receive a free toolkit including consisting of a plaque for the building facade and posters to hang inside the building. They show the addendum and the women’s aid organization’s 24/7 helpline number.

“Pets are not allowed in this building.

But what about monsters?”

“Enter elevators at your own risk.

And what about one’s home?”"

"For questions regarding stairwell cleaning, please contact the janitor.

And what about questions regarding fear of one's partner?"

Toolkit for residential buildings: posters and plaque

Collaborators and supporters, including major news outlets and TV channels

1 in 4 women become victims of domestic violence at least once in their lifetime.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a drastic, worldwide surge in domestic abuse.

On average, it takes a victim 7 attempts to leave their abusive partner.

Laws, law enforcement, and personal support systems often cannot provide adequate help or prevention fast enough.