Brief: Showcase that banking innovation powerhouse, NFB, helps clients get more out of money.

Insight: A study revealing that money CAN buy you happiness—if you spend it on others.

Solution: Emotionalizing innovation in palpable and lasting ways, with the first online store where you can only shop for others.

  1. 1. Choose whom you want to buying an item.

  2. 2. Purchase the item they wish for—alone or together with other buyers.
  1. 3. Upon delivery, the recipient shares a picture with the item the buyer(s) purchased for them— giving happiness back to the buyer.
  2. 4. All pictures are displayed in the store’s “Happy Gallery” to increase the buyers' happiness further and convert new buyers.
  3. 5. On Facebook, FNB shares a personalized “Thank You” message for every buyer, increasing reach through shares and incentivizing participation even more.